vision 3

Our Mission

  • Make a contribution towards reducing human consumption by serving only VEG food through a socially and environmentally responsible business model.
  • Always provide a tasty, nutritious, healthy and entertaining dining experience.
  • Our quality of service will always be to fulfill and exceed our guests expectations.
  • Pay full attention to our guests, listen to their needs and provide them with individual attention.
  • Satisfy our guests fully, where they not only recognize our brand, but refer it to others as well.
  • Provide customers with effortless access to vegetarian and vegan dining anywhere worldwide, via our VEG food online protocol.
  • Educate those whom we touch about the benefits of a vegan / vegetarian diet such as spiritual (karma), non-violence (ahimsa), animal rights and compassion, physical health and medical science, global and environmental health, and socio-economic reasons through web links, articles, e-books, newsletters, affiliations and other practical means.

Image4Together with the support from all members, sponsors, partners, and volunteers worldwide, we will have better ideas for the future of our mission.

We are so grateful for your kind Support.