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Benefits of Using Our Service
  • Order Veggie offers Free advertising online and in the media.

  • Using Order Veggie will help you reach new markets.

  • Orders placed through are clearly printed, eliminating errors due to misinterpretation or handwriting illegibility. No misunderstanding, no miscommunications.

  • Order Veggie provides free websites for everyone. Get your own domain with us, even if you already have a website we will post your link. There is never too much exposure online. You never know where the next click will come from.


Why Join Order Veggie?
  • Because this internet thing is starting to catch on.

  • Wishing your restaurant had a website? Order Veggie builds one for you. Free

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    . Better yet, our Search Engine Optimization features make sure that when customers get hungry, the first thing they see is you.

  • These days, a website is not enough. You’ve got to be available by smartphone. Order Veggie takes care of it all – free.

  • Our online ordering system works with existing websites. That means you can keep the look-and-feel you’ve worked hard to build, while taking advantage of our back-end systems and market presence. And it’s all free.

  • We give you extras.

  • From Cash Coupons to seasonal promotions to special events, Order Veggie gives you the chance to incentivize your customers…and pump up your volume.

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What We Do?
  • will post your menu online according to the information you provide including business days and hours, minimum order, delivery charge and coupons.

  • We advertise our website online and in the media to customers in your area. Your menu will reach countless internet users.

  • Our system allows your customers to place their orders ONLINE, issue the orders directly to your restaurant and confirms the orders. All you need to do is deliver and provide good food and great customer service!